About Artifish

Artifish is a student company at NTNU Aalesund, which is dedicated to improving the aquaculture industry. The company's solution is based on training of cleaner fish, using its own-designed training system EDDI (Educational Digital Intelligence).

Since the early 2000s, the aquaculture industry has fought a fierce battle against the parasite Lepeophtheirus salmonis, better known as the "salmon lice". The industry today spends more than 1 billion euros on preventive treatments against salmon lice. This is a major burden for the companies within fish farming, and prevents more growth in the aquaculture industry. Today's methods are by no means a solution to the problem, and often these methods create new and more problems than they actually solve. Artifish, on the other hand, has a solution that is both profitable, smart and sustainable.

Artifish has a clear goal of solving the lice problem once and for all



The achievements of the company:

- 1. Place "Norways Best Student Company" (Norwegian Championship - Student Companies, 2019)

- 1. Place "Best Innovative Company" (Norwegian Championship - Student Companies, 2019)

- 1. Place "Best Human Recourses" (Norwegian Championship - Student Companies, 2019)

- 1. Place "Best student company" (County Fair, Young Entrepreneurship, Møre og Romsdal)

- 1. Place "Biggest International Potential" (County Fair, Young Entrepreneurship, Møre og Romsdal)

- Quarterfinal (NæringsTeft 2019, Sparebanken Møre)

- Semifinals (Innovation Challange 2018, Aftenposten og Telenor)

- 2. Place "Pitch to jury"(2 Minutes 2 Convince 2018, NTNU)



Artifish has 3 main values; animal welfare, development and reliability.


Animal welfare

Artifish will enter the aquaculture industry with the recommendation to improve the current situation for all animals that are or will be affected by the production of salmon. The company helps stimulate a fish farming industry with reduced emissions and better keeping of animals.


Artifish will stimulate sustainable development in the aquaculture industry in the form of innovation and scientific research. We believe in solutions that not only serve one party, but all parties involved in the aquaculture industry.

We are inspired by the UN's 17 sustainability goals in our work.


Reliability is important to Artifish. The company promotes quality and passion in its work. Artifish guarantees a more efficient cleaner fish with our training program, and our customers should feel confident in our project.

The entrepreneurs

Today, Artifish consists of 7 students from NTNU in Aalesund. The entrepreneurs have different fields of expertise, including innovation, marketing, automation and biology. As students at Norway's most prominent university in the field of natural science, Artifish has a good foundation to develop into a successful company.